Should I Trust Now Or Later?

There’s a famous phrase Ronald Reagan used.

Trust but verify.

I believe it changed America.

Now it didn’t change America all at once.

Still - slowly but surely it’s brought us to where we are today.

A nation with no trust.

The issue with the practice of trust but verify is that most people don’t trust.

They only verify.

It’s a self defeating phrase.

Trust cancels verify.

And verify cancels trust.

It seems more and more in conversations each day that people don’t trust one another anymore.

Everything you say is questioned.

Everything you say is suspect.

Someone asks you how’s the weather today and you say - it’s sunny.

To which the person quickly responds with - the weather report says it’s cloudy and it might rain.

We dismiss this as normal conversation.

But it’s really a lack of trust in its most basic form.

On the flip side.

I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk the other day and he said something interesting.

He said.

To me, trust if given, and then you lose it.

If you’re a dick face.

It changed my worldview in an instant.

I had been sucked up in the Reagan way for so long.

I just needed for someone to show me the light.

When I was young I always trusted.

Life was happier.

And more fulfilling.

I reached great heights.

I grew.

Reagan changed me whether I like it or not.

So did my life experience.

Either way.

I’m trying to trust first now.

And if your a dick face.

Well then.

That’s on you.