Resolve - Respond - Experience

While reviewing customer satisfaction scores the other day someone in the meeting made an interesting observation.

They noticed that our customer satisfaction scores “CSAT for short” went up when we responded faster.

Fast Response = Better Score on the interaction.

While we have known this for sometime it’s still interesting to see it on the dashboard.

And it sure makes you feel good.

So much so that you might begin to believe that it’s science.

It’s pretty common knowledge in the tech industry that responsive tech-support is critical to success.

And still - it’s one of the areas where most IT service providers fall down.

As a matter of fact it’s the #1 reason while people leave their IT service provider.

Being responsive has a lot to do with having the right amount of tech support staff.

But there’s more to providing a great customer experience then how quickly you respond.

There’s also how quickly and effectively you resolve the problem.

As well as how well the interaction is executed to create a memorable customer experience.

Respond quickly.

Resolve the issue.

Make it a great experience.

Respond, Resolve, Experience.