Why Coaches Are Crutches

“Everyone needs a coach.”

These are the words Bill Gates used to open his 2013 TED Talk.

So everybody went out and got a coach.

Well, not everyone.

But it sure seems like there are a lot of business coaches these days.

If Bill Gates told everybody to go jump off of a bridge would you do it?

Just kidding.

I have a lot of respect for Bill Gates.

Still - The business of coaching is a big business.

I have a friend who does business coaching.

He likes to say that CEO’s are the most insecure people he’s ever met.

They’re willing to pay $3,000 more a month to have someone tell them what to do.

In some cases I’ve seen where CEO’s pay over $10,000 a month in coaching fees.

So let’s pause for a moment and answer the burning question.

Does this make them better CEO’s?

In my experience the answer is as always…

It depends.

There’s typically some improvement that lasts or wanes.

There’s also the typical retreat back to old habits scenario.

And there are the rare scenarios of CEO’s that grow exponentially, due to working with a coach.

Not to say coaches are a bad thing.

For example, I’ve had positive experiences with group coaching.

Situations where the entire management team is coached together.

I can tell you in those situations - coaching has proven effective.

Still, it’s not that hard to prove the coaching is a crunch.

Some people like crutches.

They are okay with asking for help.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Asking for help.

But as with all things.

There is a slippery slope.

A point of no return so to speak.

A point where coaching is the soup du jour.

A point where a CEO has a coach for every aspect of his/her life

And with all that help.

There’s still no improvement.

His/her company suffers.

People are disengaged.

And the company culture sucks.

It takes commitment.

The whole point of getting a business coach is predicated on one thing.

Your desire and commitment to change.

If you’re not willing to change for the better.

Really change.

If you’re not willing to do the work.

Well then…

The whole coaching thing is a wasted exercise.

It’s waste of time and money spent on your amusement.

Remember that a having a coach is not a hobby.

It requires your effort.

And as with anything in life.

Without planning, commitment, effort, and action.

You’ll be stuck right where you’re at.