Team = The Empathetic Active Manager

This is a quick check in from The Empathetic Active Manager.

Someone told me the other day that I focus too much on teams and not enough on the individual.

It took me by surprise.


And so I thought about it for a bit to see if there was anything I could do to improve my focus.

I’m a big believer in well functioning teams.

I enjoy building successful teams

One of my taglines is - Building Great Teams!

My career has been all about teams.

Teams, teams, teams.

It’s what I do.

Which left me thinking about the individual.

And so I thought to myself…

How many peoples lives have I been able to influence directly by one on one interactions?

How many people have I been able to help grow and further their career or personal life?

Honestly, I think I’ve well with individuals.

Still the comment lingered.

With all of these thoughts running around in my head.

I’m still searching for an answer.

How can I improve my focus on the individual?

I always open to improving.

I’ve been thinking about how to integrate some new changes in my team management approach and revamping one on one’s is one of the items on my list.

Off I go.