Does Your Office Have A Tech Dyson?

Do you make tech decisions in a vacuum?

Do you sometimes think to yourself?

That’s a great tech decision!
Let’s go with it!

Do you sometimes forget to call your friendly neighborhood technologist?

Do you even have a friendly neighborhood technologist that you can call?

How not to buy tech.

I’m working with a client the other day who decided that it was time to buy some new laptops.

So they went online.

Purchased a handful of used laptops.

The cheapest they could fine.

And had them drop shipped to our office.

The laptops arrived.

One was broken.

We contacted the client.

They arranged for a return.

Meanwhile, we’re trying to explain to the client that they’ve just purchased under-powered-under-sized laptops.

How to buy tech.

Contrast this to another client.

I receive a phone call from this client.

They share with me that they are looking to buy some new laptops.

They would like to make sure that all laptops in their business are standardized going forward.

They ask me for what my recommendations are for a business grade laptop.

We have a nice discussion.

I sent over our current recommendations for office computing.

The laptops are ordered.

They arrive.

They are all imaged and set up identically.

Deployment of the laptops run smoothly.

Don’t be a Dyson.

Making business decisions in a vacuum wastes effort, time and money.

Having a tech partner helps your business avoid these pitfalls.

Doing things right the first time goes along way when you’re trying to grow your business.

So next time you think to yourself…

I’ve got a great tech idea!

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.