Once Upon A Time - We Made A Culture Code

Years back I worked in San Diego for a Telephony Service Provider.

While there, I had the opportunity to work with a bunch of really great guys and gals.

We did some really cool things together both from a technical and a business perspective - that really made a difference in our success.

One such project was creating and publishing a culture code.

The company had just reached an inflection point.

We were in a growth phase and a few of us felt that we needed to do something to really bring people together.

I pitched the idea of a culture code and a group of us decided to go for it.

So we put a team together and got to work.

The team worked really hard coming up with the right words.

Words that really captured the essence of what the company was at that time.

This company was unique.

This company was special.

We knew it.

And we had to get everyone else to see it to.

We really believed in the culture code that we had made together.

It rang true for us.

Once published, the culture code really made a difference in guiding the company forward.

It gave us a guide to help bring people together.

To help new people understand what we were about.

And to serve as our company guide post.

The culture code did that for us.

The company eventually sold to GoDaddy.

According to legend the culture code still lives on in the groups and teams that remained post acquisition.


1. We are helpful to our customers and to each other

2. We push ourselves to think smart and be smart

3. We obsess over reliability of systems and people

4. We are remarkable people doing remarkable acts

5. We believe in growing people and investing in the individual

6. We educate to empower inside and outside the company

7. We celebrate success and enjoy the experience together

8. We bend technology to meet our customer’s needs

9. We value data driven outcomes

Photo by: Steve Johnson