How Are Tech Support Priorities Set?

Despite all the effort made to build a proper tech environment for your business.

There will be interruptions

Some interruptions will be big.

And some interruptions will be small.

When given the choice of defining your own up time requirements.

Most people will people say…

I never want anything to go down.

I want all of my tech up all of the time.

But in a real world environment that’s just not the case.

Something is always not working.

There are the simple things like someone forgetting their password.

Or someone spilling coffee on their keyboard.

Then there are the bigger things like your Internet going down.

Or there’s a fiber cut in the area that’s affecting all Internet service providers including yours - (BTW: that’s going to take several hours to fix).

Or there’s a hurricane.

With all the variables in place how does your tech provider prioritize requests?

You know they do that don’t you?

Even if you have your own IT guy it’s likely he/she is prioritizing ad hoc.

When issues arise it’s advisable to prioritize in the following manner.

Does this issue affect more than one person?

Does this issue affect the whole company?

Multi-person effecting issues should be dealt with when they happen.

In contrast - single-person issues are handled on a first come first serve basis.

The only caveat in this case is what I like to call person priority.

Meaning that CEO’s get help above and before everyone else.

The world is not fair.

I know.

And that is why CEO’s always get priority over everyone else.

Outside of these basic priorities there are all sorts of parameters and metrics that tech service providers like to impose on people.

I like things to be simple.

I like for people to get help when they need it.

Using a simple matrix helps to make sure people are getting the help they need.

When they need it.

And it helps to keep things running smooth.

To simplify things.

Here’s the Matrix Neo.

Tech priorities from highest priority to lowest and the order they’re handled.

1 - Company-wide

2 - Multi-person

3 - CEO

4 - Everyone else