You're Better Than That

I have a special needs daughter.

Her favorite phrase is “I can’t.”

Despite many years of working against that attitude.

I often come up short.

But I don’t give up.

I simply respond with.

You’re better than that.

Well not all always.

Sometimes I just mess with her and pretend that the phrase “I can’t” doesn’t exist.

We have a lot of fun together.

One of her biggest achievements has been her success with reading.

When my daughter first came into my life her reading level was atrocious.

Due to neglect from the educational system she had been left by the wayside.

My wife and I put her into a new school.

A school that actually cared.

She struggled at first.

She said “I can’t.”

As a matter of fact she said “I can’t” a lot.

But with some gentle persuasion and a lot of encouragement she became a great reader.

At this point she reads at the highest percentage of her‘s high school’s reading level.

She’s a lesson to everyone that the words “I can’t” don’t mean anything.

They are just words you used to defend yourself.

Words you use to keep yourself from failing.

And while it may seem to her that I am a cruel dad at times.

That’s not the case at all.

Telling a child that “they are better than that” is an act of love.

It’s crazy how we believe in our kids more than they do in themselves.

And while they may not appreciate it now.

As years pass.

They’ll see the light.

When one of your kids thanks you years later for parenting them - it’s all worth it.

To anyone in life that is struggling.

Know that you’re better than that.

In my own life.

I have grown and been able to achieve many things because my parents knew that I was better than that.

I was able to excel in business and technology because my mentors knew that I was better than that.

And nowadays in those quiet moments.

Through the challenges in life that people go through.

I’ve gotten through because I’ve learned for myself.

That I am better than that.

Never stop believing in others and most of all…

Never stop believing in yourself.

You’re better than that.