Need Some Tech In Europe? No Problem

I recently finished up a project for a client in Europe that involved setting up their office network and cloud telephony platform.

A little back story.

This client had quickly spun up a new office to test the market in a little European country.

Since we were now past the proof-of-concept phase the client was now ready to invest in a scalable environment.

The interesting thing was.

The environment needed to built in another country.

It didn’t make sense to fly someone to Europe to install a few devices.

And so we had to pull it off 100% remote.

So we staged the new network equipment.

We also staged a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system in the cloud.

Configured VoIP Phones.

We labelled everything.

We provided color coded cables and connectors.

I wrote a installation guide complete with diagrams and color coding.

And then we shipped all of the gear to this little country in Europe.

Once onsite we worked with a local tech resource to plug things in.

And voila!  - We are up and running in Europe!

The result.

Another happy customer.

Just a day in the life.

Thanks for reading.