Tacos Or Technology

Friend of mine uses the phrase tacos or technology.

The phrase goes a little something like this.

It doesn’t matter whether you sell tacos or technology - the success of any business is based on your ability to sell and your ability to deliver your service.

It’s true.

The success of any service business comes down to just 2 things.

Executing well on sales and service delivery.

These two key areas of your business are where the magic happens.

Still, many businesses want to prove how smart they are.

They want to set up barriers in their sales and service delivery.

They get distracted in other parts of their business.

I see business owners playing the role of IT guy in their company.

I see CFO’s doing the same thing.

I see business owners having weekly long conversations about whether or not to buy water for their employees.

I see all sorts of things.

But it’s the businesses that are focused on sales and service delivery that win.

And they win a lot.

Is your business winning?