Why You Shouldn't Hire IT Internally

So I’m just gonna come right out and say it.

If your company has 100 employees or less - don’t hire an internal IT person.


Here are 4 reasons why.

When you have 100 or less employees it’s just not cost effective to hire internally.  Hiring someone with the technical chops to be able to manage tech in a 100 person company means hiring someone who can deliver on Management, Automation, Technical Support and Leadership. To find someone that can deliver in these 4 key areas you’re looking at spending at least $115,000 a year plus benefits.  Add to that a technical support person and you’re pushing $150,000 without even purchasing any of the tools they’ll need to perform their duties.

You would have to know how to hire, train and manage this type of employee/staff. And quite frankly, most people don’t know how to manage technical staff.  Tech folk are a unique bunch and so you would end up getting what you get. It might be great. It might be good.  Or it just might plain suck.

Tech careers can be varied.  A person might be good at one thing and not another.  A person may have worked for a small company and lacks exposure to certain technologies.   The same holds true for a person from a big company where they may have only been responsible for maintaining one piece of tech.  While you may be able to sort through experience when hiring.  Once the person is onboard their experience may not be of the right kind or enough to help your company.

Money, management and experience aside.  Your company only has 100 employees and while it may seem that you’ve got a lot going on you won’t. Typically from a technical perspective your tech environment won’t be all that exciting.  Once your new tech staff get things in order they’ll move into maintenance mode and things will get boring for them really fast.  You’ll lose interest in them and they’ll leave if they’re any good.

With that said - My recommendation is to outsource.

Now this isn’t a hard and fast rule.

But experience has shown that outsourcing your tech beats internal IT hands down.

So if you’re in the insurance, legal, medical, manufacturing, retail, distribution, professional services industries or the like - your technology needs are such that outsourcing makes sense.

Outsource with a good IT company.

It’s the way to go.