My Cohabitational Work Space Doesn't Work

With the rise of cohabitation work spaces like WeWork and others it’s important to make sure that your new home will actually work for you.

I recently had a client who decided to pick up and move to cohabitational workplace.

They went and checked out the new digs.

Everything looked good to them.

And so they signed a lease and proceeded to move in.

A couple of days before they send in a support ticket to our help desk saying they’re moving to a new space and will probably need some help once they get there.

So we called and spoke to them a little bit about what they might expect as part of their move. 

Please note - We always ask clients to talk to us in advance before making large decision.

But as you already know - sometimes they don’t do that.

Back to the story.

So we say to the client that we will need to make sure their Internet feed is good at the new space.

We contact the work space company and they send us over a link to the ISP providing service to the space.

It really does doesn’t tell us much and so it’s a little concerning.

Fast forward to moving day.

The client moves into their new place only to discover that their Internet service is insufficient for their needs.

The moral of the story is…

If you’re moving to a new work space - make sure you test the tech before you move in.

This would include the following.

Make sure the Internet speed is adequate for your needs.

Make sure any other services such as telephone, video conferencing, conference room connectivity and the like will meet your needs.

While you’re at it - check the kitchen kitchen and make sure the coffee is good.

I think collaborative work spaces are a great thing.

I think more companies will choose them as time moves on.

With that said.


A little planning upfront will save you a world of hurt later.

Check your tech.