Better Cheaper Faster Tech

Technology is always changing.

That’s a given.

As part of conversations with clients and prospects, one question I get asked on occasion is…

How can we do things better, cheaper, faster?

It’s a great question to ask.

That’s because it touches on 3 main asks.

Better, Cheaper, Faster.

This makes for an interesting equation to solve.

Better + Cheaper + Faster = Win

While better and faster are forward leaning asks and easier to grasp - the ask of making something cheaper is often the variable in the equation.

This happens for 2 reasons.

1. Money savings doesn’t always happen right away.  It may even be a long term savings you’re looking at.

2. There’s usually an expenditure up front that moves you towards the savings.

The upfront investment introduces the art of the return on investment or ROI analysis.

In the end - it’s all relative.

For some businesses an expenditure makes sense.

While for others it doesn’t.

Sometimes a solution is only better and faster.

And in those cases the ROI is weighed against increased productivity and growth.

I enjoy working with clients that evolve and grow.

It makes for interesting conversations.

Oh well, I’m off to finish up an ROI analysis and proposal now.