Bullets and Journals

This week I finally started using my Bullet Journal.

I’ve been looking into using a Bullet Journal for a little while now and finally decided to take the plunge.

So this week I cracked open my freshly minted journal and got started.

For my version 1.0 - I’m using a pseudo-Pomodoro technique for my daily tasks.

Form me it works as follows

Drop in the date.

Then add the following…

My Main Goal for the day.

My Top 3 action steps.

And one final section called Little Things.

It’s for small tasks that I want to make sure I get done during the day.

Four days into this and things are going great.

Each day has focus.

I spend a few minutes each morning mapping out my day before doing anything else.

And it’s paying off.

Things are getting done.

I will backend into the other sections of the Bullet Journal as I move forward.

I didn’t want to get a bogged down with overthinking upfront and so I moved right to executing a daily log consistently first before adding any layers of extra brain power.

I’ll be sure to check in and provide updates as I progress on my Bullet Journal journey.

For now…

So far so good.