Paying The Consensus Building Tax

I like to use the term pay the tax when evaluating a process or system.

The concept of paying taxes seems to resonate with people.

It drives the point home.

Sometimes a tax is warranted.

And other times it’s not.

When it comes to consensus building, there’s a tax to paid.

Now there are many ways to do consensus building.

But for now - let’s just focus on the tax.

There are 3 taxes that come with consensus building

1. The Time Tax

Time is valuable commodity.

Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t.

Depending on how much consensus you need to move forward.

Time can cost you.

2. The Opinion Tax

This tax can get you when you’re just looking for some acknowledgement and agreement but end up getting pulled into dealing with large doses of opinion.

It’s when you’re stuck there with someone giving you an opinion that’s related or unrelated to the goal.

It’s not that opinions are all that bad.

It’s just that opinions don’t tend to add value and often just cause delays.

3. The Decision Tax

This is the cost of delaying a decision or not making a decision.

Businesses move forward when decisions are made.

Decision delay and or paralysis can really hurt a business.

The thing is…

Sometimes consensus building is worth the tax and sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes you just need a little consensus and sometimes you need a lot

Different ideas require different levels of consensus which in turn fluctuate the tax rate you will pay.

I’m not saying don’t consensus built.

What I’m saying is count the tax upfront.

Weigh it against the outcome.

And then make your move.