Wait. What Do You Do Again?

I work with computers.

That seems to be the only thing people get when I explain to them what I do.

You see, what we do in the technology industry means something different to everyone.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a developer, an ops guy, a manager, work in quality assurance or work in tech-support.

People don’t really get what techs do.

On any given week, day or minute we might be doing any of the above roles.

To add insult to injury.

We as a tech guys and gals don’t make it easier ourselves.

We don’t know how to explain what we do in a way that makes sense to the people we meet and serve.

At the same time, it’s awful hard to explain what we do to someone who doesn’t live in our world.

It would be like a Darth Vader trying to explain his job to you.What would he say?

I’m the Sith Lord and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet.

I’m also the Sith Apprentice of Emperor Palpatine.

I was tasked with purging the Jedi Order.

I report to the Emperor and perform high-level management tasks.

So Mr. Vader….

Sounds like you’re a Manager?

It’s not easy explaining to people what you do.

Sometimes it’s better to tell people what problems you solve.

For me, I like to boil it down to the following.

I'm on mission to help small business owners get the tech right in their business.

And you know what?

That still confuses people.

And so I’ll keep trying.

I think it’s worth figuring out.