3 Reasons To Monitor Your Computer

I’ve always wondered why doctors use stethoscopes.

Given all the technology that exists in the world today in the medical field - why would someone resort to something as simple as a stethoscope?

And the not so surprising answer is…

It allows doctors to monitor your body’s core functions.

While your doctor only monitors your health when you see him - our computers on the other hand need a little more TLC.

Now we all know that computer systems are not as sophisticated as the human body. 

But like any system in life - computers need to be monitored.

They need regular care and feeding to be healthy and happy.

Which brings me to the three main reasons why your computer needs to be monitored.

Your computer needs to be protected from you and from other people. Yes I just said you.  Whether it’s you one of your coworkers or someone you don’t even know -  your computer needs to be protected and secured.

Believe it or not computers get tired. They can run out of resources for any number of reasons. Things like hard drive space, memory and other components can run out of space. The same goes for applications. Computers are man-made and as a result they degrade and at some point they’ll just stop working.

Nothing sucks more than to come into the office in the morning and have your computer not work. Actually when your computer doesn’t work or your phone doesn’t work I can be pretty frustrating.  Productivity for many people is tied directly to their computing resources.  If you want to be productive get a good computer with some good apps.  Want to kill productivity?  I don’t think you do.

So there you have it. 

Three main reasons why your computer should be monitored.

A good IT company will not only monitor your computer to know if it’s on.

A good IT computer will monitor the signs vitals of the computer.

Remember the doctor only monitors when he sees you.

Your computer needs a babysitter all the time.