Roadies And Roadmaps

Yesterday I was working on updating a tech roadmap for a client as a result of some recent changes in their business.

What I found interesting and want to share with you is the amount of work effort that goes into creating a roadmap.

You see, it’s not just one person crafting something behind the scenes.

There are conversations, research and meetings around where to go next.

How to get your business to the next level.

All in an effort to do right by the customer.

It’s kind of like being a roadie for a rock band.

People don’t see all the work that goes into putting on a great show.

They buy the concert tickets.

They drive to the show and have a good time.

Meanwhile there’s a group of people - before, during and after the show who help to make sure you have a great experience.

Add to that months of planning and preparation before the tour even starts.

It's quite a feat.

At the end of the day you Mr. Client are the rockstar.

We’re your IT company

We plan every detail of your tech, so that every experience related to the delivery of your product goes off without a hitch.

Now get out there and rock!