How To Replicate Greatness

Back in high school I had an interesting art teacher.

She had some unique teaching and motivational methods.

And as a result, our school produced several art champions.

Of all of her teaching methods the one that’s stayed with me the longest is what I like to call “The Do Over”

Here’s how it worked.

She would assign you a project to work on.

When you were done, and mind you this was done randomly, she would take your work away and tell you to do it again.

Now I don’t know about you, but for most people, when they put a lot of effort into something they kind of become attached to it.

There’s some sort of sentimental - I made this attitude.

Not in our class.

Now these weren't just some pictures we drew with crayons.

There was some serious artwork going on in the class.

Taking away your work and then being told to replicate it again was a mind blowing experience to young kid.

As time passed I realized the lesson being taught.

Greatness is not achieved by chance.

True greatness can be replicated again and again.

If you look at any of the great artists throughout history or even today.

They are able to create great art again and again.

Now it’s not an easy task.

Be it in the arts or in the business world.

Your ability to replicate your output at a high level and with consistency can make all the difference between success and failure.

So remember - Your achievements are only mile markers on your journey.

Being able to perform at a high level and with consistency is the key to growth and success.

It’s wonderful how teachers can shape our lives.

I’m grateful for a teacher who challenged me to do things over.

To begin again.

Who taught me the value of replicating greatness.