The Lost Art Of Agreeing To Disagree

For many years I went along with other people’s ideas.

Even if they were wrong.

I knew it wasn’t right.

But I didn’t want to disagree with them.

It just seemed easier to suck it up and do something you knew was a bad idea with the hopes that the other person would eventually figure out that they were wrong.

It was bad. I know.

Then one day I latched on to the concept of agreeing to disagree.

Now I must admit that this was fueled by somewhat of a rebel attitude.

But I just couldn’t accept bad ideas anymore.

I genuinely wanted to help people make better decisions.

To understand the 360 degree view of their position.

This became a game changer for me.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

Speak up.
Debate an idea.
Pick a position.
Defend a position.
Agree to disagree.
All in a effort to move a business forward.

To be fair, the act of agreeing to disagree is a difficult concept for most people.

It affects them at their very core.

Which means if you’re going to use this tool then do so with caution.

It may cause a little discord in your life and with others who don't get it.

The beauty of it is that, if done correctly, with the right people, meaning people open to debate and discussion.

Then agreeing to disagree is a great practice.

Here’s the thing.

As entrepreneurs we are told to challenge the status quo.

We're told to put ourselves out there.

To believe in something, even when others don’t believe the same thing.

Still, many of us don’t agree to disagree in our lives.

We want everything to be okay.

We want people to like us.

Even if it is at the expense of our own happiness.

I’m here to tell you that at the end of the day - it’s okay to agree to disagree.

It’s not the same thing as point blank disagreeing with someone.

Agreeing to disagree means having a conversation.

Explaining your rationale.

And then politely agreeing to disagree on a point.

It’s okay if you end up being wrong.

The key is to learn from our mistakes.

And improve our thought processes.

All while growing a business.