Forget Me Not IT

IT service providers are often forgettable.

One moment you really need them.

The next moment they’re forgotten.

You call them when you have a problem.

But if everything’s working fine…

They’re just lucky to be an afterthought..

Part of the problem rests on the IT professionals themselves.

You see, they can’t explain what they do.

At least not in a manner where it makes sense all of the time.

Ask an IT guy what they do and they’ll tell you.

Oh, I work with Computers
Or, I’m in IT.

Which at the end of the day means little to nothing to most people.

As a result many IT professionals are unvalued and not relevant in your business.

This is not a good thing.

So what makes an IT provider memorable?

That’s the million dollar question.

To me it’s all about being relevant.

Granted - It’s a constant battle to stay relevant.

Imagine a job where you always need to be relevant.

You need to know the past, present and future like nobody else.

You need to be a problem solver and an expert.

You need to be a great project manager and communicator.

And what if you’re not?

Well, then you’re not relevant.

And you don’t get the business. 

It’s a crazy job but somebody’s gotta do it.

My pitch.

I'm a problem solver.

I help people get the tech right in their business.

Need some help?