Do You Really Need Techie Reports?

A lot of IT companies out there sell IT services just like a mechanic.

You pull in.

They get you working.

They hand you a print out.

You pay them cash.

I’m here to tell you - that shouldn’t be acceptable.

Hear me out on this.

If you’re buying services from an attorney you’re buying based on professionalism, stated experience, references, and trust.

If you’re buying professional accounting or an outsourced CFO you’re buying on those same points.

A good IT Company is a professional services firm.

And as a result they should provide services like a professional services firm.

The dilemma in all this is that the Managed Service Provider industry thinks you want to buy a commodity.

They think that by providing you techie reports on how many viruses were caught, how many tickets you opened and how patched your computers are - will keep you paying your bill.

They like to use the term “show value” with regards to these reports.

"Show Value" = Pay your bill.

They truly believe this is what you need and want.

I on the other hand believe that’s not what you need or what you should want from an IT Company.   

Think about it.

No one wants to be handed a pile of reports.

I don’t.

What we want is actionable data.

Curated forks in the road where we can choose A or B, yes or no.

When looking for an IT company ask them how they deliver actionable data.

Or better yet, Ask yourself - Is this company going to provide me actionable data?

Or are they going to just provide me a bunch of techie reports?

Ask yourself - Do these people really have a vision for my tech?

Or are they just mechanics?

Doing 10 point inspection and getting handed a pile of techie reports doesn’t help your business grow.

Just for the record.

It's your IT Company's job is to keep your business safe, make sure your tech is up and running and provide guidance to help your business succeed.

But you don’t need a 20 page techie report to know that.

The proof is in the pudding.

Avoid buying outsourced IT services like a commodity.

It’s a professional service.

That means it needs to be delivered like a professional service.