90% Of Small Businesses Don’t Have A Brand

90% of small businesses don’t have a brand.

Their success is based on the following criteria.

1 Their ability to market and sell their services.
2 Their ability to get in front of people.
3 That they actually have a product that’s good enough.

When I heard Gary Vee share this viewpoint it was an interrupt.

It went against what I was taught about brand.

But the funny thing was - it rang true.

It was so obvious.

I don’t know why I hadn’t seen before.

There’s been a big push in the main stream towards having a brand.

Towards defining your WHY as a business.

And as a result this has led to millions if not billions of dollars spent on companies trying to find their purpose in life.

Leaving business owners to question their purpose.

Lost in the wild.

Feeling like they’re standing on the beach watching as the sand washes away beneath their feet. 

Your WHY is one of those things in life that wraps itself around your attention and doesn’t let go.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s important to have a clear message messaging around your product or service.

Tim Morris with his explanation of services (EOS) resonates with people.

The better equipped you are.

The better you’ll be at winning business.

There are several businesses that have a great brand.

We know who they are.

We admire them.

We study them.

We want to be like them.

But at the end of the day - for a small business - brand doesn’t matter.

Execution matters.

Good messaging matters.

Perseverance matters.

I’m asking you to step back from the slippery slope of brand.

Think about it.