50 Times More

To this day one of my favorite purchases from Bed Bath and Beyond is a 50 times magnifying mirror.

I was walking through the store one day with my wife when I walked past a mirror and looked inside.

When you see your face magnified 50 times in the mirror it's a holy cow moment!

I rarely impulse buy but this was one of those times.

I just had to have it.

With my handy dandy 20% off coupon in hand I stepped to the counter and never looked back.

I love this mirror and so does my wife.

Recently I've been doing a handful of IT assessments for clients.

Assessments help to magnify issues that need to be addressed in a client environment.

Very much like the mirror sometimes there are problems staring you right in the face that you can't see under normal circumstances.

An IT assessment allows you to see a close-up view of things in your tech that need your attention.

You can't fix things unless you're aware that they exist.

Are you ready to look in the mirror?

Are you ready to get your tech right?

Let's take a look and see what we find.