Dandee Donuts

I love me some Dandee Donuts.

Down in my neck of the woods there's a place known as the Dandee Donut shop.

On any given morning it's a pitstop on the way to work.

Dandee Donuts is a small group of donut shops in South Florida.

It was founded by a couple of guys who got tired of doing the franchise thing and wanted to make some donuts their way.

Their business model hasn't been broken down into the lowest common denominator ready for mass consumption.

They do things the old fashion way and it’s workin’ for them.

But that's okay.

Sometimes less is more.

We all like to feel special.

We all like to feel like we're not a number.

It’s that personal touch that small business America delivers that keeps us coming back for more.

It's about brand,it's about culture and it's about community.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not saying this is some rah rah article on why you should buy from a small business.

This is a message about authenticity.

It’s authenticity in its truest form.

The cool thing is is that in small business America today there’s a growing number of companies have have authenticity in spades.

And that’s a good thing.

So keep it cool and keep it real I'm going to go get a donut now.