What I Learned From Spock

Growing up as a kid I didn't watch too much TV.

I was more that kid who was outside playing all the time.

Of the few shows that I did watch, Star Trek the original series was one of them.

I also watched Batman but that story is for another day.

There were a handful of lessons that I learned from watching Star Trek.

One of my favorites was multidimensional problem-solving.

The first time I saw Spock playing multidimensional chess it changed my life.

As a young kid I thought of problems in terms of black-and-white and binary (ones and zeros). 

Things to me were reduced and existed in the simplest terms - as in yes or no, stop or go, do this don't do that and the ever popular - good and evil.

Now that's all fine and dandy until you introduce multidimensional chess to a 12 year old.

The knowledge that one move right or wrong can have a cascading effect is a pretty important lesson.

Throw that concept down on a 12 year old and you're talking about a mind blowing experience.

Since that time as a kid I've worked on multidimensional problem-solving.

I've learned to exercise patience, introspection and let's not forget logic.

Problems aren't always what they seem.

Sometimes the answer is very simple if you take a step back and look at the big picture.

Making a decision for the sake of making a decision is not always the best choice.

Growth comes from a series of choices that are aligned with a master plan or vision. 

See things for what they are.

It's the first step towards positive change.

Live long and prosper.