The Complexifier

I used to work with a guy known as The Complexifier.

The origin of the name came from his ability to take an otherwise simple task and turn it into a convoluted series of steps.

Now The Complexifier was well-intentioned guy.

He wanted people to have as much information as possible and he wanted to minimize mistakes.

As I said, he was a well-intentioned guy.

But there was a downside to tasks that had been complexified.

For example, in certain situations, a task that would routinely take a few minutes to do would be transformed into a long series of exercises that provided no value.

It was work for the sake of work.

Misguided work at that.

There are many Complexifier’s out there.

The tech industry seems to thrive on this type of behavior.

The practice of turning simplicity into complexity is expected.

Don't get me wrong. Having process is important.

Capturing relevant data is important.

And making sure things are done right the first time is way important.

The idea here is that things don’t have to be complex for the sake of being complex.

No one is impressed by more steps.

Processes can be fluid.

Things can be broken down into a least common denominator approach.

A process that took 10 steps to do can take 5.

Do you have a Complexifier in your business?

Are they helping or hindering?

Are you the Complexifier?

Time to to make a change?