26 Pages of RTFM

My wife needed a stand to rest some medical equipment and so we ended up at IKEA.

After a few laps through the maze we found a stand that would make sense for what we needed.

We brought the boxes home, opened them up and found a whopping 26 page manual.

I got that sinking feeling in my stomach.

Kind of like when someone pulls out a 5000 piece puzzle and says “this will be fun”!

When you're staring down at 26 pages you really don't have a choice.

You need to follow the plan.

So off I went and a few hours later we had our stand.

The lesson in this is that although at times things may seem insurmountable - there's someone out there with a plan.

When it comes to the tech in your business - I make plans.

I also follow through a make them happen.

You need a plan.

In certain cases you may need a 26 page plan.

Either way, big or small, I'll make you a plan.

Shall we begin?