Lesson Learned - Pay For Data Migration

Have you ever heard the saying "Out with the old in with the new"?

Last week I was called in to help a client with a special problem.

They recently migrated to a new line of business application and because they didn't want to pay the data migration fees they decided to keep the old application around for a year or so.

Not a good decision on their part.

Now this old application is really old.

Not just regular old.

Seriously this application is really old.

And as one would expect - something broke.

In this case a printer.

Obviously they kept the old printer with the old application.

The problem is that this printer isn’t made anymore.

And it's not a simple process to just setup another printer.

So now I'm thinking through with the team on how to solve the problem of a broken old printer on a broken old app.

Sounds fun?

Well, not really.

At the end of the day it would have cost less to just do the data migration.

It would have saved everyone time and money.

Can we fix it?

Sure we can.

Lesson learned.

Pay for data migration.