Do Unto Others

The phrase "Do unto others" by its very nature says to be proactive.

The same holds true with the tech in your business.

The concept of being proactive,
of moving the ball forward,
and of managing expectations,
are key to your success in business and in life.

The tech in your business is a living breathing organism and needs to be taken care of proactively.

In short, it needs daily care and feeding.

You can do onto it or it can do unto you.

For example, an unpatched computer can bring with it all sorts of problems.

Slowness and hang-ups come to mind.

A little care and feeding goes along way towards maintaining the tech in your business.

All of your devices need upkeep.

Another example is your cell phone.

You tap that update button every once in a while don’t you?

Those patches and updates are things your computers and devices need to stay strong and healthy.

Do like the good book says.

Be proactive.