An Engine Ear

IT guys are an insecure bunch.

They love telling people what to do or how things should be.

They love to craft a complex set of rules like…

You should only use this hardware.
You should only use this software.
You should only… fill in the blank.

Let's call this the traditional engineering mindset.

But there's a new breed of engineer.

Let’s call them Technologists.

They use more than data points found on vendor websites.

They’re curious and smart.

Armed with logic and their senses they understand that technology is a two-way street.

That all parties need to work together.

That all businesses no matter how big or how small are unique.

They don't just provide answers.

They provide solutions.

Just dictating to people what they should and shouldn’t do is often more of a disservice than a service.

Dare I say that a technologist has a heart?

This goes back to one of the differences between a good business and a better business.

The better business is the one with heart.

They’re actively listening.

They show up, provide value and repeat.