Pulse Tracker Meetings


As our company scales it can be challenging to manage all the moving parts and pieces.

And so, I've been looking into ways to get a better handle on how we manage customers.

Our current iteration of our customer management strategy centers around tracking all of the key actions related to our customers as well as our latest addition…

AKA our Weekly Pulse Tracker Meeting.

Now anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of meetings.

A lesser known fact is that I’m a big fan of—productive meetings.

The Weekly Pulse Tracker Meeting is our commitment to keep us on track

In the meeting we review the weekly updates, determine the following weeks priorities and make plans to keep our customers happy as well as keeping their tech moving forward.

Our updated system has given us the data and vehicle to be able to focus and prioritize our customers needs.

The genesis of the system came from the desire to do more than what we were doing.

We built a simple tracking system and then decided to meet regularly to keep score.

It was an idea that needed our attention and our action.

So how far will this current iteration take us?

Who knows - But it's a step in the right direction.

We’ll keep iterating and improving as we go.

Sometimes the best idea is the idea you take action on.