Honest Software

As part of our new client on boarding process I review all the software installed in your environment.

I do this for a few reasons.

One - To help document and understand the current software operating environment and

Two - To review and validate software licensing compliance.

Nowadays with services like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite most clients seem to have their licensing in order.

Still on occasion I find environments where someone bought one copy of Microsoft Office or Windows and installed it on several computers which is not a good thing.

Usually the 2 biggest offenders with regards to licensing are Microsoft and Adobe products.

I'm sure that's no surprise as these are the two most common software's used in business today.

Still, compliance is not that far out of reach.

Switching to a cloud service and/or just buying a few licenses usually puts companies back in compliance. 

Current BSA penalties can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a business.

So keep it 100.

Keep your software licensing in check.

I know that a lot of us like to check that little box when we're installing software and just move on.

But that little check box says you're keeping it legal.

You're doing things on the up and up.

It's important to know what software you own.

It's also important to know that it's properly licensed.

I can help with that.