Mac and Cheese

This week I've seen more Mac-based issues than PC issues.

What's interesting is that Mac’s make up about 10% of the systems my company manages.

Not to say that Mac’s are bad - just different.

As you get into how Mac’s are used in a business environment their shortcomings become more apparent.

I would venture to say that Apple over the past 10 years has really focused on its mobile OS. 

And while that’s good for Apple.

That’s hasn’t been so good for macOS.

Sure Mac's can work in a business environment.

But the plumbing is not as developed as it is in the PC world.

Once again, I’m not saying that Mac’s are bad - just different.

Having worked as a UNIX system administrator for many years, the similarities in system administration are many.

What has been a bit frustrating this week for me is that the same challenges that I faced 20 years ago administering UNIX systems with regards to windowing systems is how macOS functions in 2017.

Sure there's better and tighter integration between the windowing system and the underlying operating system but many of the same challenges remain.

I really do like Mac. but... and that's a little but.

I wish they were more friendly to the guys and gals trying to keep the lights on for businesses.

A good thing is that cloud computing and services have come a long way.

The cloud makes up for a lot of the Mac’s shortcomings.

Cloud-based apps like Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 push much of the client experience into the web browser.

At the local platform. The only apps that are used locally on the Mac are typically Adobe Creative Suite and maybe a couple of Microsoft Office apps.

This is good because tighter integration to a business network is not as critical.

Anyway. If you want to use a Mac go for it!

It's a great computer and there are a lot of great things about it.

But this week at least for me, The Mac’s didn't fare so well.