You Get What You Pay For

So how much does it cost?

Obviously if you're asking this question before understanding what it is you're getting and more importantly knowing what you want then we're in trouble.

Any good salesperson will tell you that selling on price is a no-no.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I'm more interested in what goes into make up that pricing.

Or more specifically - what do you get?

You see, most people look at price.

Let's be honest - everybody looks price.

But what does it take for a company to provide their service?

What are their costs behind the scenes?

What does their organization need to look like to be able to deliver?

What resources do they bring to the table?

What's their process? What's their workflow?

The reality is that if someone is saying they're providing the same service for less then we need to understand what they are leaving out.

Because in reality most of the time when you pay less you get less.

Now that's not to say that when you pay more you get more.

But the odds that you're getting more when you pay less are not in your favor.

So when looking for a provider ask them about their resources.

Go and see their operation.

Ask them how they provide their services.

Remember, you're starting a long-term relationship not having a one night stand.

Be curious about what goes into a price tag.