What You See Not What You Get

So after my instrument, document and observe process on a new client - it's now time to make sense of it all.

Essentially what I’ve found in this case is a business with a basic home network with no security controls in place.

What makes this so concerning is this client’s line of business. 

This company's main line of work is directly tied to being secure and structured.

Honestly, it's a little concerning.

But not to fear.well work out a plan to fix this mess.

It really is a bit shocking to find so much bad tech out there.

There's a lot of good sales people out there with some slick presentations.

Unfortunately they lack the back end operations and experience to deliver the goods.

You could say it's a case of what you see is not what you get.

Buyer beware.

Be informed.

Ask questions. (need some? I’ll give you some.)

Having great tech will not only move your business forward.

It will protect the business you have.