Tech Don't Fit

A prospective client told us today that they’re not a fit for us.

I really appreciated their transparency.

I totally understand that sometimes we’re just not a fit and that’s okay.

The interesting thing was the reason this prospect said that they weren't a fit.

They said that they had very old computers and that they didn't want to replace them anytime soon.

Now what you may not know is that most IT companies have a clause in their agreements that state that a client must maintain an active warranty on computers under management.  There may also be a replacement clause.

I'd be happy to get into the bits and bytes of why IT companies have clauses like this but back to the point that the prospect made of them not being a fit.

You see, for good or for bad this prospective client has a business with little to no change. 

They've been doing the same thing for about 30 years.

They've got a great business and they've enjoyed a lot of success.

But their long-term play is to keep doing the same thing.

They don’t buy new things and if they do it’s a rare occasion.

This makes them an odd partner for an IT services company.

Reason being that we typically partner with companies that are growing, changing and evolving.

I like to say - we do the new.

It's just what we do.

So in this case our tech just didn't fit.

Do you do the new?