Half Done

I'm on boarding a new client this week.

As part of the on boarding process we go around and install some software on all of the computers.

As were going around to each computer we begin notice that only half of the computers are connected to the server.

Now I have to scratch my head on this one because I'm confused.

Not that this is the first time that I've seen this kind of work.

I'm just wondering how half of the staff is getting their job done.

But that's a mystery for another day.

My mom taught me not to be a quitter.

Still, many people live their lives leaving things half done.

This isn't a case of half full versus half empty.

This is a case of dare I say negligence.

The thing is - this client had no idea what was under the hood.

Like most people they thought everything was okay.

Getting your tech right means having things in order.

It's having a partner who is doing the right thing.

It’s having a partner who is transparent.

Wondering what's under your hood?

Shoot me an email.

Let's take a look.