Table Steaks

A buddy of mine uses the term table stakes all the time.

He's a product manager.

And in his world he uses the term to mean - what everybody else already has.

When looking at the tech in your business - do you have what everybody else already has?

What does everybody else have?
Is likely your first question.

For example, here are some of the things that most businesses already have.

Office 365 or Google G Suite. Have you got one of those?
Really fast Internet access? Got that one checked off?
A multi-function printer that scans copies and faxes?

You get the idea.

There are a handful of tech items that every business should have.

But the reality is that many businesses don’t have even basic table stakes.

Technology nowadays is accessible to everyone.

It's not something for the elite.

It's something that every business should have.

Still, some businesses like to live in the dark ages.

Don't be a naysayer.

Let's cook up some table steaks.