Movers And Shakers

Do you ever get the feeling that things don't move unless you move them?

Do you ever get the feeling that you're the only one contributing new thought and challenging the norm in your business?

If you answered yes to any of these two questions you may be a mover or a shaker.

Now if you're the only person moving things along at your company that could pose a problem.

The ideal situation would be to have several people moving and shaking all on the same frequency.

But the truth is that more often than not, it's left a few individuals to move things forward or to drive the change in an organization.

When considering the tech in your business it is critical to have forward motion.

Computers at rest are a bad thing.

Technology is an evolution.

It’s based on forward thinking and forward motion.

If the tech in your business is at a standstill then it's time for some moving and shaking.

Mind you, in a structured manner, but nonetheless - it needs to move forward.

So as Peter Gabriel says - let's go shake the tree.