How To Stay Relevant

There so much going on nowadays that it can be hard to keep up.

For many, the tech space is amongst the most challenging of areas to keep current on.

That’s because tech is constantly changing.

There's new tech around every turn.

And staying relevant can be tough.

Knowing your tech means knowing the landscape.

And even more so, knowing how to apply new tech to solve business problems.

You've really got to love tech to want to keep up.

Here are 6 things I do to stay up to date and relevant.

Spend time learning about industry trends.

Spend time learning about new features and functionality of the products in my space.

Spend time learning about products that solve problems for businesses I serve.

Spend time learning about different technology areas such as hardware, software and networks.

Spend time learning about leading business trends related to people, process and systems.

Spend time with smart friends who do the same.

These 6 tasks take up a fair amount of time during a normal week.

To fit them it’s important to not get lost in the day today minutiae.

It’s also important to accept that you can’t know everything.

It’s more about the pursuit then the destination.

There’s a sort of push poll going on all of the time where I’m pushing forward learning new things and shoring up the old that I’ve done before.

Finding this balance helps me to stay relevant in my space.

Hope this helps.