Teach Don't Tell - Part 2


One of the common traps we fall into in the workplace is minimizing people's abilities.
This especially holds true for those of us that are do-it-yourself-ers.
Meaning—we’d rather do something ourselves then ask someone else for help.
Also known as delegation.
I read an interesting article the other day that reminded of the concept or practice of…
Teach Don’t Tell.

It's easy to throw out some instructions and then be frustrated by the results of others.
It's a completely different approach when you take the time to teach someone.
In many instances teaching takes less time than just barking out an order.
Especially when you add re-work and do-overs because someone didn't understand or didn't know how to do what you asked them to do.
So next time you're sitting around complaining about how someone did a piss poor job on something you asked them to do—consider the alternative of Teach Don't Tell.
You’ll be amazed by the results.