Sea Of Sameness

Most people in the US work in the service business.
People helping people.
Whether it's retail, food service, professional services or medical services it's all about people helping people.
With so many people in the service business it creates a sea of sameness.

It can be hard to tell a good provider from a bad one.
With everyone saying they’re doing the same thing how do you differentiate?
The reality is that we all don't do things the same way.

Give 2 people the same task and they will inevitably do it different.
While there are commonalities the delivery of a service is unique to that individual or company. 
Combine a bunch of unique individual's and you have a company.

Another differentiator is point of view.
How a person thinks based on their background, experience and education.
Then there’s the concept of followers and leaders.
Everyone is different.
Each person will deliver a solution differently.


So when looking for a service provider the key is to look for someone who can first solve your problem. 
And then second offer a point of view that inspires conference.

Align yourself with winners if you want to win.