Bad Blood

Trust based on expectations.
Trust is broken when expectations when expectations are not met.
And the hardest part in building and sustaining trust is in setting expectations.
Here's the catch.
People seem to selectively forget expectations.
This constant cycle of:
Set expectation,
Perform at expectation,
Other person selectively forgets the expectation,
Trust is questioned...(repeat)

Is something we all deal with in our daily lives.
At times it seems that even if you document the expectations that somehow they are still forgotten.

How can anyone win with such a vicious cycle?

Some people say to live with no expectations and so then it's easier to not be let down.
But that doesn’t work both ways.
I wish I had better advice for you then to just document your conversations.
Cause this will only get you so far.

You’ll likely still end up at a point where expectations fall into question.
We all make mistakes.
Unfortunately very few people admit to making them.
Which leads me back to my belief that all you can do is to…
Show Up, Provide Value, Repeat.