Facts Or Feelings

Once upon a time a client called me and told me that they never wanted to see a certain technician ever again.

So I asked client why she felt this way.

She said - "Your technician comes onsite, does some work and then leaves."
Needless to say she wasn’t feeling the love.

So what’s more important. Facts or Feelings?
If you ask anyone in IT most will say facts hands down.
Why is that?

I think society programs us to believe that facts are more important than feelings.
Also, most IT guys aspire to be logical like Spock.

At the end of the day being a great tech guy requires more than sheer logic.
You need someone with good people skills, business know-how and the tech to back it up.
Customer experience is about feelings just as much as it is about facts.

The fact is…  Feelings are what make the difference.