Growth Inhibitors

Are you a growth inhibitor?

Do you tend to do things yourself?
Do you intimidate people into doing things your way?
Do you operate without a plan?
Are you an expert at everything?

If you answered yes to any of these questions.

Or if you’re in denial of any of these questions.

Then you’re a growth Inhibitor.

As someone who has worked with rapid and high growth individual’s...

Growth inhibitors are easy to spot.

One of the top reasons small businesses stay small is because of the owners themselves.

It’s because the owners themselves are the growth inhibitors.

What I’ve learn by working for and with high growth individual’s is that…

High growth individuals are able to let go.

To get out of the way when needed.

High growth individuals have a clear vision of where they want to go.

They know they need others to help them get there.

But still many more never let go of their own insecurities and controlling behaviors.

So yeah, don't be a growth inhibitor.