Six Shooters and Troubleshooters

Tech guys come in two flavors.

Six Shooters and Troubleshooters.

Six Shooters live in the Wild Wild West.

They thrive in chaos.

They're alive in the moment.

Not that they necessarily want to solve anything.

It’s just that they thrive in a lack of structure.

Troubleshooters on the other hand tend to be a more stable breed.

Troubleshooters more often than not follow a set structure for problem-solving.

They will analyze a situation.

Consider multiple scenarios to find the best possible solution.

And attempt to solve the problem in the best possible way.

It's not hard to see which type of tech guy you’d want.

Still many people are in enamored by Cowboys.

They fall in love with the Cowboys.

We love our Hollywood don’t we?

In all reality, when you really look at it, many of the Hollywood Cowboys we all know and love are actually Troubleshooters and not Six Shooters.

Get your shooters right.

It’ll help you get your tech right.