Commoditize Schmomoditize

I came to the realization this week that computer IT support is not a commodity.

Or a commoditized service.

Sure most companies sell it like a commodity.

But the reason they do that is because they can’t sell it any other way.

Tech guys like to put things into boxes.

They like logical patterns.

The concept of consulting, or somehow providing a professional service is foreign to them.

So when somebody came along way and said I can commoditize IT services.

You can put a bow on it and sell it for x dollars.

Everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

So here we are some 15 years later and all these companies are selling the computer IT support services like McDonald's.

Are there commonalities across service providers?

Of course there are.

But they're the same differences that exist…

Between doctors.
Between lawyers.
Between CPA firms.

They're all the same aren’t they?

It seems to me that commoditizing IT services is probably not a good idea.

It seems to be causing more harm than good.

Especially if you’re trying to get your tech right.