Open All Night

Sometimes no matter all your best efforts.
No matter all of your planning.
Something still goes wrong.

Last week we were working on a project for a new client and one of those unforeseen situations happened.

We rallied the troops right away as we knew this was going to be an all nighter.

Now I like my personal time just as much as the next person.

But you just can't leave a client in a bad spot no matter what.

So we came up with a workaround while we tried to fix the root problem.

We continued working on the issue.

Meanwhile the client was working using a workaround.

It wasn’t pretty but in this particular case there was no going back.

So yeah, sometimes you'll need to pull an all nighter.

The main point is that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to solve the problem.

Even if it means pulling an all nighter.

It’s definitely not the norm.

But sometimes bad things happen to good people.

And you just work through it.

Persistence always wins.