Bluetooth Radio

So you know how I said I couldn't live without my Sirius Satellite Radio.
I was wrong.
So I finally bought the new car I was talking about and unfortunately the radio is not satellite enabled.
Instead the car is Bluetooth enabled.

Which is cool because I tend to make a lot of phone calls from my car.
While I knew I could pair my phone to my radio I didn't think too much of it because I'd never done it before.
While I stream music, videos and other content in my home and business - Iā€™d never tried it in my car.
So last night at I paired my phone to my radio and streamed music for the first time in my car.
It was a magical experience.
Then I went out with my wife and had her pair her phone to the radio.
She had a blast too.
So I guess the saying holds true that - you don't know what you don't know.
While I leverage a lot of tech in my life, technology in my car has never been a thing.
Goodbye Sirius, Hello Spotify.
Welcome to Fahrvergnugen!